Dear Guests,

We want to give you a tip about an accommodation if you are travelling around Iceland on a rental car, and want to stay where its easy to take a daytrip to the Vestfjords and Snaefellsnes,and see the greatest nature of Iceland. Dalahytturis situated in a beautiful closed walley, Hörðudal, surrounded by mountains, and the farmer there has a little brand new cottages for their guests, each for 2 – 3 people.

From there is easy to travel to Latrabjarg in one day and Snaefellsnes Peninsula and back to the accommodation.

Visit for more information and take a look at this if you are interested and to book you go to

Helga and Addi

The Snaefellsnes peninsula´s exceptional geological beauty is one of contrasts with pure untouched territories flanked by fishing villages and small towns. You will experience the unique landscape of Snæfellsnes National Reserve with its delicate moss-covered lava fields, rock pinnacles, black sand beaches, caves, craters and sea cliffs full of birds. See Iceland's most symbolic gem, Snæfellsjökull glacier, and hear about the many folktales and legends that emerge from the landscape of this spectacular area. The legendary glacier is said to have mystical powers and is considered one of the seven main energy centers of earth. It is also the setting of Jules Verne´s famous novel „Journey to the Center of the earth“


 Dalahyttur location




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